Work Visas

Work Visas are for applicants who intend to perform short or long term work in Australia. Visitors to Australia on tourist visas are not permitted to work whilst on their visitor visas. Whether working in Australia, on offshore installations, as maritime crew or simply looking to bring your domestic helper on a trip with you, see below for the various Work or Training visas that could apply. Fort he latest and most up to date information, call to arrange for an appointment.  

Skilled Temporary Work (400)
This visa is for holders to enter, work and live in Australia on a short term basis. The visa is normally issued with validity for up to 3 months, and may be either for single or multiple entries.
Applicants must:
• show that they have sufficient funds to support their stay, including having health coverage for the work they will perform
• show that the work is short term, non-recurring and highly specialised in nature
• be invited or supported by an Australian organisation that the applicant will be working for
• have specialist knowledge, experience or skill that is required for the task, which cannot be found locally

This visa is not suitable for producers, directors or entertainers in tv, media, radio, concert or theatre productions that will be broadcast in Australia. Families visiting Australia wishing to travel with their helpers may apply for this visa.

Processing times may take from 2 weeks to a month. Please contact us early to allow for sufficient time to enable processing.

Training Visa (407)
This visa is a short stay visa that allows a holder to participate in either a professional development or occupational training program. Three types of occupational training covered by this visa are:
1. workplace-based training required to obtain registration, membership or licensing in Australia or overseas
2. structured training to enhance a skill in a current occupation which is specified in the list of eligible skilled occupations
3. training to promote capacity building overseas. There are three categories available:
i. overseas qualification – allows for 6 months of structured workplace-based training
ii. government support – allows for structured training with Australian or overseas government support
iii. professional development – allows for overseas employers to send managerial or professional employees to Australia for face-to-face training and development programs

Occupational training must be for a minimum of 30 hours per week, with no more than 30% being classroom based.
Applicants must:
• be nominated by an Australian sponsor who is a temporary activities sponsor*; or be sponsored by a Commonwealth government agency 
• be at least 18 years or older
• have functional English
• have sufficient funds to support themselves in Australia, hold private health insurance and meet health and character requirements

* before nomination by the employer, a training plan is required to be in place. The employer also needs to have a temporary activity sponsor status. Contact us to get help with setting it up.

Maritime Crew Visa (998)
This temporary visa is for foreign crews serving on non-military ships. It allows the visa holder to enter Australia by sea and to work aboard that vessel. Holders of this visa may arrive by air but will need a different visa to enter Australia, and will be required to join the vessel within 5 working days or risk the MCV ceasing.
Crew members must be articled members of crew, which may include contractors and subcontractors working on a ship while at sea, scientific researchers and foreign government owned ships.

Applicants must :
• be outside Australia when applying
• be a crew member of a non-military ship taking part in an international voyage to Australia
• will enter or leave Australia by sea as a crew member