Child Visa (101)
This visa allows a child of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen to live in Australia with their parent.

Criteria for visa:
• child is the biological or adopted child of the sponsoring parent or parent’s partner
• child is sponsored by their parent or the parent’s partner
• child is unmarried
• younger than 18 years old, or studying full-time if aged between 18 to 25 years old (or if above 18 years old, has a disability and is dependent on the parent)
• child may include their children, i.e. sponsoring parent’s grandchildren

Contributory Parent (173 and 143)

This visa allows a child who is a settled Australian citizen, Permanent resident or Eligible New Zealand citizen to sponsor their parent to live in Australia.

There is a requirement for the parent to meet the “balance of family test”. A parent meets this test if at least half their eligible children, stepchildren or adopted children live in Australia than outside Australia. Exceptions apply (e.g. children is deceased, have been removed from the parent’s legal custody, are registered as a refugee under the UNHCR, or live in a country where they suffer persecution and can’t be reunited). 

An Assurance of Support (AOS) is required by the sponsoring child. The sponsor needs to pass an income test to be eligible to provide the AOS.